These Absurd Dresses Made Guests Feel Truly Uncomfortable

Whether it is for prom, their wedding, or simply a family event, most women daydream about the “perfect dress”. While this all may seem quite superficial, it’s a woman’s day to shine. On this day, all eyes are on her. From weddings to every other kind of event, these are the most bizarre dresses ever worn.

This young woman here adores cacti. Because the wedding oncloud shoes ceremony was her time to shine, she wanted to include her beloved plants into the mix. A strange, somewhat peculiar dress was the result of her quest for wedding style – and we have to say that it’s definitely unique.

While she looks pretty happy with her choice in attire, we can’t help but wonder how practical this would have been on her big day. After all, it seems as though her husband has to keep a wide berth, so how would that have worked when it came to kissing the bride? And what about their first dance? They probably had to keep their space, but we bet they made it work.


Tradition breaking seems to be the theme of this list. This young lady decided to follow up on creating controversial gowns. Instead of a classic all-white setup, she opted to add poorly-drawn fumes and flames. We bet that the priest wasn’t too pleased when he saw her scorching flames of hell, but you can’t deny that this wedding gown is definitely lit.

We only hope that she took full advantage of having these flames on the back of her dress, because what’s the point otherwise? In our eyes, she should have run down the aisle to her new husband or wife just to show how lit she was and just why her dress was covered in flames. She’s just too hot to handle.


Even gangsters can get romantic, you know! This gangster couple brought their own unique style to their big day, and they made sure to enter into a holy union together with swagger. By spray-painting heartfelt words and phrases on their clothes, they’ve managed to accomplish a unique fusion of street style and tradition – and we have to admit that we definitely don’t hate it.

After all, it’s pretty unique, and it definitely stands out from the crowd. They obviously wanted to keep things as cool and as casual as possible, and we respect that. The “Wifey” on the back of the bride’s dress is also a nice touch, just in case the white dress and the veil weren’t enough to showcase that fact…

It’s important to feel comfortable on your big day, which can be a difficult task if you’re expecting a baby. Many couples choose to get hitched before they bring a baby into the world, and it seems as though this woman was no different. However, kizik shoes she didn’t want a whole load of fabric pressing down on her belly and making her feel all constricted.

So, she decided just to cut the whole thing up and roll with it. Either that or she wanted to look like an avocado for her big day. The end result is something that we’ve definitely never seen before, and we’re not quite sure whether this trend is going to catch on. After all, it certainly falls into the “niche” category.

You’ve got to give this bride points for creativity. I mean, we’ve never seen a wedding dress made out of soda cups before, so hats off to her for providing us with our first soda cup dress experience. What’s more, we’ve got to give her credit for recycling, although those cups are probably new. The combination of red and white is rather Christmasy…

And as for the rosette-type things she’s got in her hands, she looks as if she won a prize for the best red pony at the gymkhana. Despite the fact that this dress isn’t to everyone’s taste, it certainly has a few unique points here and there, and there’s bound to be people out there who would wear it.


Let’s be honest; these two must love their punk rock lifestyle. The bride didn’t abandon the customary setup for her alternative wedding, because instead, she just made it better and switched things up a notch! We’re sure those demonic horns went well with the priest who had the task of marrying them, and we bet the tattoos fit right into the church vibes.

Of course, as long as the priest allowed them to exchange their vows, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thought of their big day. If the kids are happy and in love, we’re sure the man above doesn’t mind! Actually, when you take out the devil horns, the bride’s dress is actually kind of stunning…


Well, that’s something you don’t see every day. Most people are familiar with the epic love story between Shrek and Fiona, and while Fiona wasn’t too keen on the fact that she had become a full-time ogre over the years, it seems as though she’s happy to stay green if that means that she gets to marry Shrek.

This couple decided to showcase their own love through these green-eyes monsters, and they seem pretty happy about their wedding shenanigans. It seems as though these two chose to steer clear of a swamp for their big day, and their choice of wedding venue seemed closer to Far Far Away than the enchanted forest and the dirty swamps. Hopefully, these two lives happily-ever-after.

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